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Thank you to Everyone

The Barry Penny Foundation would like to thank the following individuals for making our second annual Evening Of Music a big success:

  • Dinner: Heather Leslie
    Heidi Erismann, Dave Crombie, Ashlea Rempel, Gary Freeman, Christine Wedgewood, Craig Moul, Karen Moul, Teresa Fedor, Joan Wedgewood, Barb Schroeder, Yvonne Fowler, Diane Ducharme, Trina Macleod
  • Entertainment: Gary Freeman
    Bricolage (Bob Hager, Lori Hager, Mary Hager, Klement Danda, Erwin Sn)
    Freedom 649 (Frank Moska, Murray Fitch, Alan Horabin, Erwin Sn, Craig Steels)
    Phillis Wheaton, Rollie MacKenzie, Craig Steels
    Randy Bauld, Sarah Leslie, Chris Archer
    Al Lukiw
    The Playmates (John Meehan, Heather Leslie, Bryant Davies, Gayle Davies, Al Lukiw, Maureen Demanuele)
    Leandra Butler, Wayne Ducharme
  • Silent Auction: Ashlea Rempel, Corinne Freeman, Karen Moul, Linh Thach, Aline Castrejon
  • Hall: Craig Moul, Jennifer Kendell, Kiona Moul
  • Bar: John Klemenz, Matt Lamont, Craig Moul
  • Tickets: Corinne Freeman, Karen Moul, Stephen Merritt, Christine Wedgewood, Cliff Wedgewood

    As you can see it takes a lot of volunteers to put on a function like this and we couldn`t do it without the help of our friends. One hundred percent of the funds raised will be going to help bring the gift of music to kids and we thank you all very much.