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A letter we recieved

Why playing music means so much to me

I have always loved playing the keyboard and piano, and I always have music playing wherever I am. Playing music is a way to express myself. I can play calming music when I’m mad, I can play happy music when I am sad, and I use music with a lively beat to get me motivated ( clean my room, do my homework etc).
Music is the one thing that I love doing, something that I can lose myself in. It’s like an escape to me when things are bothering me or when I feel like I need to get some emotions out. I have found that if I’m very upset or mad, playing some music will calm my mood. It’s almost like music is my friend that I can talk to about anything.
I have never taken any lessons, other than a few from a family friend and I think that with some teaching and practice I can start writing my own songs and playing some of the old classical songs that are more complicated. Music is a very important part of my life. Any chance to build on the musical ear I have would be great and I would be very thankful.

This young lady received a keyboard from the foundation on the weekend. Her mom told us how excited she was that we were coming. She immediately sat down and played us a couple of songs. Ashlea joined her and played the high end on one. It was a very emotional day for all and so very rewarding. Thanks everyone who has helped.

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