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This hour had about 22 minutes

.  As some of you know Corinne and I spent an hour the other morning at Air 106.1 to talk about the BPF. We actually spoke in between news, traffic and weather so let’s say we were on the air for about 22 minutes. Although we haven’t heard it yet the people who did said it sounded really good. We talked about Barry, we talked about the beginnings of the Foundation and we talked about our goals. Most of all we talked about kids and music and what we are accomplishing. We reached out for instruments, help with lessons, donations for our auction and most importantly we reached out to the kids and gave them a contact, somewhere to go to get help.

The directors in the group have seen that smile on the face of a young man or lady when we show up with an instrument, get them into lessons and promise to help them on their musical journey. I can’t describe the feeling we get when we help. It puts me on a high for awhile and when I come down I get to do it all again….It’s an amazing feeling.

We have already received some contact from the radio interview and I thank Air 106.1 and Kevin Wallace for the chance to talk about our amazing group.

I also would like to thank Christina Von Bieker who arranged the pub crawl in Airdrie. Christina will be at the dinner and she tells me she has a presentation for us.