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An update for our followers and supporters

It has been a busy summer for the Directors of the Foundation and we want to keep you all in the loop as to what’s been happening. The Foundation is growing. We have four kids who are continuing on with lessons for this next term. Kierra, Jackson, Max and Sydney were all registered with Music Center Canada in Airdrie last year but unfortunately they have closed down due to leasing problems. We have now aligned ourselves with Solfeo Music in Airdrie. One of our Directors, Jordan Bencharski teaches there and has introduced us to the owner, Alberto. He has agreed to take on our students.
We have three new students in Calgary. Yalda, Joshua and Destinee all have been granted full scholarships for this coming session. They all will be attending lessons at Flamingo Music in Northeast Calgary. We have had several meetings with Challena Zellick, the owner of Flamingo Music. After running a school out of her residence for the last five years or so she is opening a brand new school at a location in the northeast. I have visited the location and met with her teachers and what a great team she has in place.
We are currently working on five new applications for instruments and lessons and I expect most if not all will be granted scholarships.
The Foundation has also been working with The Hull Society and The Magic of Christmas by donating instruments to the kids there and helping them in their struggles.
This will bring the total number of kids that we will be sponsoring this session with instruments and lessons to twelve. This exceeds our goal that we set out for in meetings at our year end. The majority of our instruments have been donated and we thank you. Because of insurance and liability issues we have had to turn to registered schools for lessons and because they are in business to make money we pay for our students to attend. For us to send a student to lessons for a year it can cost us as much as $1000.00. It doesn’t take much to figure we will be spending approximately $12,000.00 on lessons just for the kids we have now.
We have already started work on our Spring Fundraiser and our Directors are meeting and coming up with ideas on how to grow this event so we will be able to keep assisting the kids we have in our care now and add more.
Any help you can offer is appreciated. Whether it is monetary, donating instruments or helping with fundraising it is very much appreciated. Don’t hesitate to contact us. There are so many stories we hear every day about families who are struggling, their kids missing out on musical opportunities and all the benefits that come from learning to play an instrument.

Gary Freeman
The Barry Penny Foundation.