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Thank you to Everyone

The Barry Penny Foundation would like to thank the following individuals for making our second annual Evening Of Music a big success:

  • Dinner: Heather Leslie
    Heidi Erismann, Dave Crombie, Ashlea Rempel, Gary Freeman, Christine Wedgewood, Craig Moul, Karen Moul, Teresa Fedor, Joan Wedgewood, Barb Schroeder, Yvonne Fowler, Diane Ducharme, Trina Macleod
  • Entertainment: Gary Freeman
    Bricolage (Bob Hager, Lori Hager, Mary Hager, Klement Danda, Erwin Sn)
    Freedom 649 (Frank Moska, Murray Fitch, Alan Horabin, Erwin Sn, Craig Steels)
    Phillis Wheaton, Rollie MacKenzie, Craig Steels
    Randy Bauld, Sarah Leslie, Chris Archer
    Al Lukiw
    The Playmates (John Meehan, Heather Leslie, Bryant Davies, Gayle Davies, Al Lukiw, Maureen Demanuele)
    Leandra Butler, Wayne Ducharme
  • Silent Auction: Ashlea Rempel, Corinne Freeman, Karen Moul, Linh Thach, Aline Castrejon
  • Hall: Craig Moul, Jennifer Kendell, Kiona Moul
  • Bar: John Klemenz, Matt Lamont, Craig Moul
  • Tickets: Corinne Freeman, Karen Moul, Stephen Merritt, Christine Wedgewood, Cliff Wedgewood

    As you can see it takes a lot of volunteers to put on a function like this and we couldn`t do it without the help of our friends. One hundred percent of the funds raised will be going to help bring the gift of music to kids and we thank you all very much.

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    Our Team at Work

    It takes a lot of work to put on a dinner and show for 130 people. It all starts with ticket sales and once again The Barry Penny Foundation team has come through. All tickets have been sold and on behalf of the foundation I would like to thank each of you who purchased tickets to the event. We couldn’t do what we do without your help.

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    My beginnings with my guitar

    I grew up in the east end of Vanouver. I took three or four guitar lessons when I was ten. After each lesson I went home and played till my fingers were blistering. The first song I learned to play was Skip To My Lou. I remember that because I asked the teacher to teach me I Want To Hold Your Hand by The Beatles but she wouldn’t. My mom told me after those three lessons that she couldn’t afford to pay for them anymore. The guitar I was using belonged to the guitar teacher so when the lessons ended the guitar was returned.
    In grade seven I had a teacher (Mr. Peacock) who would bring his guitar to school and sit in the classroom and play at lunch time. At the time I figured he did it to entertain but now that I understand it was probably his way of unwinding after dealing with 25 kids each day. I heard him in the class one lunch time and invited my self in to listen. He was playing Love Is All Around by The Troggs. I sat right in front of him and watched where he put his fingers.
    My older brother Don had this hollow body electric at home that he used to play once in awhile. I rushed home from school and grabbed his guitar before he got home and played that song. I didn’t know that I was playing a D chord or an E minor….I just knew it sounded good. This made grade seven my favourite year at school and it got me my start with the guitar.
    My brother took his guitar after that year and it brought another end to my guitar playing. I played occasionally when I was at someone’s place who had a guitar but those days were few and far between.
    My teen age years came and went and guitar was not a priority for me. Marriage and three kids came after that and between Brownies, baseball, soccer and all the things that came with raising a family I didn’t play at all. I was sitting in a restaurant for lunch one day in Maple Ridge B.C. and sitting close by was a guy who owned Golden Ears Music. My wife, who worked in the restaurant told me he was looking to do some renovations in his store and I should talk to him. I ended up doing the Reno for him and he paid me with a acoustic guitar. He moved his business a year or so later and I did more work for him and this time he paid me with a fortieth anniversary Fender Strat and a years lessons.
    This is my beginnings with my guitar and the guitar has got me through some tough times. It has calmed me when I was stressed, made me smile when I was sad and made me think when I struggled for answers.

    Gary Freeman

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    Evening of Music


    Join us April 12 at The Highwood Community Association Hall for our second annual Evening of Music.

    • Tickets $25.00
    • Dinner
    • Silent Auction
    • 50/50 draw
    • Cash bar
    • Entertainment

    For tickets email


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    Kids Love Music

    We are currently working on getting more exposure out to other organizations about what we do.  We appreciate everything that helps us support kids that may not have the opportunity enjoy the fun and joy music provides to us all.

    Please contact us is you want to donate an instrument, know of a child that would like to learn music or of a music teacher that would like to help teach!




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    Barry Penny Foundation Benefit Concert – An Evening of Music

    The Barry Penny Foundation would cordially like to invite you and your guests to our second annual – Evening of Music.

    • April 12, 2014 6:00 p.m. (Doors open at 5:00 p.m.)
    • Calgary Highwood Community Association
      16 Harlow Ave. NW.
      Calgary, AB.
    • Dinner
    • Cash Bar
    • Entertainment – Bricolage, Freedom 649, Craig Steel Band, Randy Bauld with Chris Archer & Sarah Leslie, The Playmates and more….
    • 50/50 Draw
    • Silent Auction
    • Tickets – $25.00

    You can download and print out a copy of our Evening of Music flyer if you would like to help spread the word for our exciting event.

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    New Website Launched Today!

    The Barry Penny Foundation Logo - To Home

    We’re proud to announce the launch of our new website today – January 9/2013! There’s bound to be a few teething problems until we get things worked out and content is added over time. Please bear with us until we smooth out some of the bugs.

    If you come across something that gives you problems, please don’t hesitate to contact us with your feedback (and specific page URL of concern) to help us modify things accordingly.

    Thank you!