What We Do

What we do:

This family immigrated to Calgary from the Middle East. We went and had a visit with them after they contacted us about lessons for their daughter. We spent some time with them at their small apartment in the Calgary core. Mom and dad told us how they spent their childhood always in fear of war and conflicts. How when they were growing up music was frowned upon, especially western music so learning to play an instrument was just not allowed. They told us of how much they wanted their young daughter to not grow up worrying about those things so they left their careers and chose to immigrate to Calgary Alberta. Unfortunately when they got here there were very few jobs available. They spent time going to school, learning a new language and culture. They got jobs that didn’t pay very well and upgraded their education hoping that soon they would land jobs in their chosen profession. Unfortunately there was no money left over for extracurricular activities for their young daughter. They spent evenings in their small apartment learning the new culture and dreaming.

The Barry penny Foundation gifted this young lady a small beginners guitar and registered her for lessons at Flamingo Music. That was over a year ago and she continues to learn. Since then we have upgraded her guitar and she has performed for us at our Evening of Music. We are so proud of you Yalda.

The family has told us once they get employment in their field the goal for them is to help us continue to bring the gift of music to kids.