Wine Raffle



  • Each individual entrant will pay a fee of $20.00 plus contribute a bottle of wine with an approximate value of $13.00. We will accept a maximum of 300 individual entries into the raffle. The maximum monetary proceeds will be $6,000.00
  • The wine must be bottled and sealed commercially (not homemade).
  • If you have a group of five people you can enter as a team. If you enter as a individual you will be placed on a team with four other people. Teams will be posted on our webpage and on Facebook prior to the draw. Individuals may enter more than once and will be treated as separate entries.
  • Entries will be accepted until Wednesday April 10
  • Participants will be expelled when their name is drawn, however they will remain in the contest until all members in their team are expelled. Expulsion draws will continue until only one person is left in the draw. The team that the final person is on will become the grand prize winning team.
  • Expulsion draws will start on Monday April 15 and will be held daily until only ten entries remain. These draws will be done at a place decided by the Foundation Directors and will be held with a minimum of three directors present. The final ten person draw will take place at a Foundation Directors meeting with a minimum of five Directors present. Approximately 1/5 of the teams will be eliminated on the first draw. Draws will continue daily until all teams are eliminated. Draw results will be posted on our Facebook and web pages after each draw.
  • The final team remaining is the first place winner. The second last team to be eliminated is the second place winner and so on. Prizes are awarded to the final four teams as well as a consolation prize to the first team eliminated.
  • Prizes are awarded as follows: These are based on 300 entries. A minimum of 150 tickets will be sold and the prizes will be adjusted.
  • Grand prize winner…….150 bottles divided evenly among the team
  • Second place winner…..75 bottles divided evenly among the team
  • Third place winner………30 bottles divided evenly among the team
  • Fourth place winner…….20 bottles divided evenly among the team
  • Consolation winner….…15 bottles divided evenly among the team
  • No person under the age of 18 may enter the draw
  • All bottles of wine received as entry fees will be distributed as prizes. No cash prizes will be awarded. All monetary proceeds received as entry fees will be retained by The Barry Penny Foundation as proceeds from the raffle.
  • If you wish you may pay $35.00 and the Foundation will purchase the wine on your behalf
  • Payment for the $20.00 entry or the combined entry/wine fee may be made by cash, check, email money transfer or on our web page. Arrangements with a Foundation official to deliver the bottle of wine must be made via email or phone at time of ticket purchase. Emails are listed below.
  • Barry Penny Foundation Directors will not be allowed to enter the contest
  • The Foundation can extend the contest by notifying purchasers and The Alberta Gaming and Liquor Commission if at least 150 entries are not met by the draw date.
  • Any bottles of wine not distributed after one year will become the property of the Foundation
  • Any disputes will be handled via email at
  • To enter the Wine Raffle and purchase a bottle of wine yourself go Here
  • To enter the Wine Raffle and have the Foundation purchase a bottle of wine on your behalf go Here
  • Once completed an email will be sent to you with your draw number and your team mates numbers.